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Institute of Software Application Technology, Guangzhou & Chinese Academy of Sciences(GZISCAS)

Institute of Software Application Technology, Guangzhou & Chinese Academy of Science (GZISCAS), was founded on May 27th, 2011. It is an independent legal person of institution jointly established by Nansha District and Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS)

Focusing on applied technology research in the field of smart cities, GZIS has assembled a high-level scientific research and innovation team at present composed of experts with special allowance from the State Council, returned scholars, Guangzhou innovation leaders and Guangzhou Pearl River New Stars. Currently, there are seven research and development departments such as Smart City Engineering Center, Data Intelligence Lab, Digital Forensics Lab, Intelligent IoT Lab, Intelligent Video Lab, and Laboratory of Advanced Software Testing. GZISCAS has established Guangdong Food Supervision Big Data Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Government and Enterprise Mobile Information Security Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Smart Lighting Engineering Technology Research Center, and Guangzhou Key Laboratory of Data Intelligence and Application Technology.

In terms of scientific and technological achievements, GZISCAS has made many achievements in the field of Smart City in recent years, including Smart City Overall Planning Scheme, an System for Sharing Government Information and Resources, Market Supervision Information Platform, Traceability System Platform in Food and Medicine, Smart City IoT Big Date Management Cloud Platform, V2X- Cooperative Vehicle Infrastructure System´╝łV2X-CVIS) and so on. In the meantime, GZISCAS has won more than 20 domestic and international awards, such as Barcelona Smart City Award in the innovative Category, the Guangdong Science and Technology Award, the Guangzhou Science and Technology Award, China IoT Key Technology Innovation Award. In addition, it has applied for a total of 217 intellectual property rights, among which 74 patents for invention have been granted, 158 intellectual property rights of various kinds, including 25 invention patents.

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