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Research Positions in GZIS

Institute of Software Application Technology, Guangzhou & Chinese Academy of Sciences(GZIS), was founded in May 27th, 2011, through the coordinated efforts of Guangzhou Government and Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS). As a legal institution under Guangzhou Government, GZIS is one of the representative institutions based on the model of innovation and development.

To meet the needs of research and development of 5 research centers, GZIS sincerely welcomes outstanding candidates with oversea education background qualified for following requirements:

1. Position
Principal Investigator

2. Research Fields
Cloud Computing、Parallel Computing、Internet of Things、Software Engineering、Smart City

3. Qualifications
1) With academic background, research experience or professional skills in the field of Computer;
2) With doctorate or even post-doctoral degree;
3) With excellent English skills in communication and writing;
4) With good teamwork spirit.

4. Materials Required for Interview
1) Curriculum Vitae, including basic personal information, academic/work experience, research fields and planning, etc.;
2) Detailed abstract of PhD thesis or postdoctoral outbound report;
3) Representative research achievements and a list of published papers;
4) Other related materials which the candidate deems necessary.

5. Working location
Nansha District, Guangzhou

6. Contact Information
Tel: +86(20)22912671
More detailed information about the positions is available on the homepage of GZIS:
GZIS offers competitive salaries and supports qualified individuals to apply for various talent-programs, of both national and municipal level.